Investment Strategies

TCP is a leading alternative investment management firm. We conduct our investment activities through both our privately-managed funds and accounts, and through our publicly-listed vehicle, TCP Capital Corp. (Nasdaq: TCPC)

Middle-Market Performing Credit

We provide debt financing to meet the distinct and underserved needs of middle-market companies in support of LBO activity, growth, corporate acquisitions and refinancings/recapitalizations. Most of our transaction deal flow is either directly originated or sourced through trusted intermediaries in the primary market. We also selectively acquire performing debt in the secondary market. We finance both private equity sponsored companies as well as non-sponsored companies by providing 1st lien, 2nd lien and other debt instruments, with a preference for floating rate versus fixed rate debt.

Special Situations

We invest in companies undergoing operational, financial or industry change through both private lending activities (often referred to as rescue financing) or through secondary market purchases (which we refer to as deep-value investing). We provide rescue financing to companies that do not have easy access to conventional capital sources and generally need capital to avoid a restructuring or insolvency. In our deep-value investing, we purchase debt in the secondary market at a discount to what we believe is its intrinsic value. These investments include 1st lien and 2nd lien loans, bonds and other debt-like instruments that may ultimately provide equity in the form of warrants, preferred or common shares or other equity rights.